Monday, 28 January 2013

How to get listed on

We have already had quite a few emails asking how to get listed on - what is our selection criteria?

Well it's actually quite simple..

"Have an awesome established website (or even a startup with potential)"

To be honest that is it..

But here are some tips that might help.

  1. You must be an established website (or potential startup)
    This means, you either need to prove you have a good user base, or you have a near 100% built startup that has some serious potential.
  2. Your website needs to be receiving adequate traffic - that's page views and unique visitors each day.
  3. Make sure your website wasn't registered a few weeks ago - to list on it really needs to be at least 12-24 months old.
  4. Don't submit domain names or turn-key solutions. Although we sometimes allow submissions of domain names (if they are good), we will never list a turn-key solution.
  5. Provide a good description of your business, and outline why you are selling.
  6. Finally, don't lie about your business listing.
We look forward to listing your website..

The Ackwired team


  1. Thank you for posting. it is really a big help

  2. Thank you, Iwill inscribe my sites

  3. I need this to get my site known. Now I know what to do

  4. do you need to pay before selling your page ?

  5. Looks good, Quality of site is important

  6. Excellent. Thank you for the clarification