Monday, 11 March 2013

Why you should invest in an established website instead

Invest in an established website instead..

Thinking about trying your hand at e-commerce and unsure where to start?  Or maybe you've already dabbled in Internet Marketing and are brainstorming your next big project. Well, before you jump right into designing an entirely new website from from the ground up, hold on a second. There are plenty of established websites out there already for sale, and these markets can provide great opportunities for the discerning buyer.

1. It provides a shortcut

For one thing, buying an established website can save you a lot of time, energy, and even money – this can be especially handy if you're clueless about web deign and would rather have a turn-key solution than dig into all the nuts and bolts at once. 

And even if you have a new idea you want to test out, you may find similar sites out there for sale, allowing you to test the market with minimal effort.  As they say, “There's nothing new under the sun.”

2.  Get your hands on an established income source

How about buying a website that has an established income stream?  This type of site can be seen as an investment in cash flow, and it's not uncommon to pick something up for around 10X the monthly revenue; you'll certainly want to do your homework, but it's well worth looking into!

3.  Find good opportunities to flip sites

Another great opportunity provided by established website sales is the site flipping model. If you can find a website that's making money but has room for improvement, you can potentially make a few quick changes that radically increase conversions and profits. The site is then far more valuable and can be sold at a significant gain. 

In most cases, some real work is needed first, but it's certainly an attractive business model.

4. Link building and SEO

Link building is a slow and time consuming process for any new web business - but it is usually crucial to gaining more organic search traffic. Established websites will almost always have existing inbound links, a respectable SEO page rank which can give you a real kickstart that new websites just won't have.

If you're interested in seeing what's on the market right now, you can browse through listings of high-quality established websites here. If you are looking to sell your established website checkout Ackwired.

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